We know what good looks like, right?

My idea of customer service centres around the principle of excellence. Many things must contribute to excellent service, right across the business. Every team, every department and every individual must have customer at the heart of what they do.

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Keeping your best agents for the Cancellations Team?  Really?

My business partner & I recently met up with a friend we’d not seen in a few months.  As we were catching up, we were telling him about the new management consulting business we’ve started centred around our expertise in delivering customer growth.  Clearly, the customer experience has to be at the centre of the […]

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It’s All About the Customer – right? – Clearly not!

This week’s report by the Ombudsman Service (PDF) paints a pretty poor picture of Customer Service delivery in the UK. In fact, it’s a damning indictment.. It’s time we changed our approach to customer experience, from the board room down.

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Experience surpasses mere knowledge!