Relationships: The True Value of Your Network

Just 6 short months ago, Mark Kelly & I co-founded Lift The Stones. Mark & I joined forces to bring our collective years of customer-focused operational management experience to help start-ups, multi-national corporates and stock market listed companies. Growth, retention and customer advocacy are what we’re all about.

During this journey, we have been absolutely blessed & amazed by the responsive support, advice, collaboration and well-wishes from the people in our combined networks. As we moved through the process of setting up the business, we were able to draw on and share the excitement (and wided-eyed wonder) of what we were undertaking with those whom have either done it before, or – wish they could do the same. In every instance, we have been given positive, realistically well-grounded counsel. Some of those “do’s and don’ts” have save us pain and delay – for that we are very grateful! We have been referred by those known to those unknown…hey presto, we now have built new relationships!

We have learned that at the heart of it all, people are good. People really do want good things for others and there is plenty of success to go around.

We have learned that people will take time to have a coffee and a conversation. They will share their experiences and share what they know. And, if they don’t know, they will introduce you to someone who does!

We have also learned how easy it can be to get channeled into your day-to-day routine and not pay enough attention to what is happening around you. This experience of starting a new business has reminded us of the importance of relationships – both in work and at home. We have relished these conversations and coffees and moments of shared experience…and…we will take this refreshment of relationships forward. They are a source of reality, inspiration and humanity that are driving us forward. Thanks to all of you – And you know who you are!

Experience surpasses mere knowledge!