We focus on improving the performance of all aspects that support your organisation’s structure, including organisation design, governance (across functions and departments), roles and responsibilities, and employee performance.

Typical activities relate either to the implementation of organisational strategies, such as workforce optimisation or the redesign of employee roles, or are prompted by an event or crisis situation, such as a merger or a transition as part of a broader corporate restructuring effort.

We unite businesses in focusing their organisations on customer-driven growth.

Lift the Stones Ltd are customer-focused senior Service & Operations professionals committed to excellence in delivery through energy, passion, integrity & teamwork. We have the cross-functional skills & experience to work across organisations helping our customers win, develop and defend their customers.

We listen, engage, question and work to understand the challenge, task or deliverable. By lifting up the stones we grasp the challenge and deliver the solution.
Given our experience, chances are we've faced your current challenge. We draw on that experience while assessing your requirements to redesign your process cycle, reduce complexity and inefficient ways of working.
Having lifted the stones and assessed the task, we deliver an evidence based business process design which defines the ‘to-be’ situation, models the process flow and activities to support the deliverables.
We provide the solution and implementation roadmap and agree key delivery milestones. We'll support your team from project kickoff to completion with regular reviews and touch points.

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Relationships: The True Value of Your Network

Just 6 short months ago, Mark Kelly & I co-founded Lift The Stones. Mark & I joined forces to bring our collective years of customer-focused operational management experience to help start-ups, multi-national corporates and stock market listed companies. Growth, retention and customer advocacy are what we’re all about. During this journey, we have been absolutely […]

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Where did it all go wrong!!

In this industry we’ve gotten complacent. We’ve let the scorecard, the spreadsheet, the process rule and we’ve rejected real life customer experience, growth, advocacy, referral. We’re focussed on net adds, EBIT, and we’ve forgotten the one thing which produces both – CUSTOMER!

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We know what good looks like, right?

My idea of customer service centres around the principle of excellence. Many things must contribute to excellent service, right across the business. Every team, every department and every individual must have customer at the heart of what they do.

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We have practical knowledge based on experience. We've taken the knocks, got the scars and shed blood, sweat and tears, in real world environments, with a strong track record for success.

Melise Jones
Melise Jones


During her career, Melise has brought experienced management & leadership skills in a service delivery & operations discipline to international organisations including the U.S. Department of Defense, major worldwide telecommunications businesses, Internet Service Providers and OEM Software companies. Prior to co-founding Lift the Stones Ltd., Melise most recently was Senior Director, Customer Operations at WANdisco. She spent 7 years with this start-up, through IPO and post IPO growth and expansion, building the operational sales processes & policies as well as owning the Customer Experience from post-sales through to in-life service. Melise has also proudly served as a member of the United States Naval Security Group prior to joining the Network Operations organisation at Bolt Beranek & Newman (BBN) in 1985.

    Mark Kelly
    Mark Kelly


    Mark brings over 10 years’ experience leading SME's, Corporate and Enterprise Service organisations. Most recently, Mark was a member of the Executive Team at AIM listed software company WANdisco where he was Senior Vice President of Global Support & Operations. Mark was also a senior member of the UK ISP Plusnet, building and managing their Business and Corporate Services function. Following the acquisition of Plusnet in 2007 by the UK's biggest telecoms provider BT, Mark headed the hugely successful Business and Corporate team, delivering multimillion £ technical services to FTSE 100 companies across BT Group. Prior to joining BT, Mark spent 23 years with the Royal Ulster Constabulary GC in Northern Ireland. He was awarded the RUC Service Medal and the Long Service and Good Conduct Medal.

      Pure logical thinking cannot yield us any knowledge of the empirical world; all knowledge of reality starts from experience and ends in it.

      -- Einstein 1933

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